About Core

Walltopia's ONLY Gold Coast Build.

Gold Coasts only carpeted matting.

Opening hours vary from day to day please see full schedule at the bottom of the page.

We love to tell people that Core is for the climbers. We want to see climbing grow into one of the most popular of Olympic sports and we are committed to starting that journey through the explosive and exciting section known as Bouldering. The core is the Gold Coast's first and only Bouldering gym with state of the art walls from Walltopia and elite holds. We want to see everyone from 6 and beyond 60 in here mastering the most enjoyable sport there is. (N.B. We accept we are biased).

Read our comic story below

In a normal part of the Gold Coast, Meet Oliver, sitting frustrated working at his computer.

Seeing his frustration Annalie (also played by a stick figure) asked him what was wrong.

“I’m just frustrated like always with what we need to be doing at work.”

So she asked, “What would you be doing if you could do anything?”

Almost instantly Oliver replied, “Don’t be silly you know me I would open a climbing gym.”

“Well do that then.”

So the journey began and patience became key, as ignorance is bliss

“I will have a building in 6 months….”

2 Years later…

and grand ambitions at the start were tempered by reality.

With some shocking moments creating questions all the way it was far from easy.

“It will cost HOW MUCH to build?”

“Council takes HOW LONG to approve and charges what?”

“The owner of the building said we have to WHAT?”

“I have to buy the holds SEPERATELY?”

It quickly became clear we weren’t going to be doing this alone.

“Mum you know I love climbing….”

“Bro you know you wanted to work on a business together?”

Athena: “Dad when Core opens do you think I can have a job of handing out shoes for people?”

Carter: “I can help teach people the climbs?”

Slater: “Can I hand out chalk bags then?”

So with a tonne of support from the family, The Core was fast becoming a reality.

We’re sure there will be hurdles ahead?

With everyone coming together we are confident Core can be fun for all.

Opening Hours

12 pm – 10 pm
6 am – 10 pm
12 pm – 10 pm
6 am – 10 pm
12 pm – 10 pm
8 am – 8 pm
10 am – 8 pm