Core Team

Oliver Gilmartin
AKA: Bulkster

Role: Director

Oliver discovered the Core, buried in a cave, under an ocean, out in space, behind a tree, at the top of a mountain, covered in sand, and returned it to the people so we could all once again share in the joy of the Core. This is how Core began… he says! What is the Core you ask? He says it’s something you have to feel to believe…but then he says a lot of strange things.

Oliver is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop Core, for the team, and the family of members that create the supremely important community we have. If you have an idea crazy enough he might just be your man.

Core Focus: Business Development

Ian Gilmartin

Role: Business Manager

There is a tale of a place where men are made, not born. Where the machine is the master, and no mother exists. Where the perfect specimen of a human is sought for they will guide the future of our species. Well, Ian, it is said, is not from there or anywhere like it, in fact, Ian was born in England to parents that look a lot like Oliver’s. This inspired him to provide Core his energy in sparking the embers into reality. He gave so much with his dedication, Core is now a part of him and he a part of the Core.

Ian has the enviable task of setting the front-line attitude to Core for the Core family. Much like a Carebear if he had a superpower it would be friendship and Core benefits daily from having him as part of the team.

Core Focus: Customer Satisfaction

Chris Green
AKA: Green Machine

Role: Head Setter/Media

Deep in the depths of the caverns of the catacombs of the cliffs, Chris Green sat imaginating exactly what imaginators imagine. When he heard tell of the Core coming to the Gold Coast he brought to life the visions of his machinations and helped make the Core the vision you see today.

Such gems are plentiful in the mind of Chris and he continues to develop both the muscles of the mind and body. Never afraid to take you on a journey into his visions just ask if you don’t fear the ride ahead!

Core Focus: Imaginating



Emily Godson
AKA: Mad Ems

Role: Setter/Coach/Yoga Teacher

If funk and flow were to imagine a human they would imagine Mad Ems. Then all we can assume is perhaps they did. The funk of the yoga with the flow of the climb means her classes are as unique as her thinking.

As the only female wall dancer at Core, Em brings a unique technical grace to the climbs we give to the wall. For those wanting to master the funk and flow look no further than her training and her climb yoga.

Core Focus: Wall Dance Imaginator



Nick Chantler
AKA: Giraffe

Role: Gym Co-ordinator

A story to be told, but not yet!

Core Focus: Inspirating







Brodhi Dutton
AKA: Brod – Hi

Role: Gym Co-ordinator

A story to be told, but not yet!

Core Focus: Inspirating







Josh Alford
AKA: Champ

Role: Assistant Manager

A story to be told but not yet!

Core Focus: Customer Satisfaction







Their Legend Lives On

Whilst they may not be here today but they shaped what we are in the years they were with us and we remember that. that.

Britney Morgan
AKA: Brit Rock

Role: Legend

If you ask the right people, those that were there, those that were witnesses to the truth. You will learn the story of the strongest hands in Core. The tales are true though their origins are a mystery. It is speculated that Brit was raised to never need a knife and so learned to split apples, with only her hands, to share with the kids of the neighborhood. Whether this is the root, or not, the result is still the same Brit Rock’s hands can break rock.

Though Brit has had to leave the Core her legend lives on!

Core Focus: Raising a new climber




Annalie Gilmartin
AKA: Lord Business

Role: Director of Operations

Once upon a time after Oliver discovered the Core in stasis, he needed the guidance of a great mind to realise the potential of the Core! So using her insane genius, Annalie helped form the basis for what the Core became. If the system works then she made it.

If the rumors are to be believed, though the mad business mind of Core no longer walks the halls, she continues to bounce off the walls.

Core Focus: Operations