Core-porate Day

Yeah, you see what we did there

Boulder has some unique dynamics that lend it to being a great corporate team building opportunity.

Why should you bring your team to Core?

Well, to start we take the team day as a greater opportunity than just having fun in the Gold Coasts only state of the art Boulder facility. We structure the time to build lasting bonds through team building games as you solve our vertical puzzles.

It breaks down like this.

Route 1 is “Learn to Climb”

Route 2 is “The Puzzler”

Route 3 the “Lean on Me”

Route 4 “Partners in Climb

Route 5 is the “Through the leader’s eyes”

We will also provide you with a wrap-up package detailing what types of climbs you did, an honorary chalk bag for the team member voted most likely to annoy gravity and a free week pass to every attendee. A group photo to commemorate the day and of course on top of this you have the rest of our facilities to climb to your heart’s content into the late evening.

DL our Core-porate Day intro doc for more info


Functions Run at any time there is availability.

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