Fitness Australia and Queensland Government have released the updated COVID19 Safe Plan for the Fitness Industry.

As of Saturday, 6th June, Core will be operating as per the below:


Climbing sessions will run for 120 minutes with 5 sessions available on Sundays and weekdays and 6 sessions available on Saturdays. Each session is limited to a maximum of 80 people for usage of zones A, B, C or D. Bookings for each zone required with no more than 20 people per zone and no cross mingling of areas.

Yoga Studio bookings will also recommence with 60 minute classes, for a maximum of 11 attendees.

Bookings are Essential.

All information can be found on our Facebook or lnstagram pages for details on how to book a climbing session through our Website or Clublink App.

As we want to maintain the standards within this Safe Plan, please take note of the following VITAL information whilst in the gym:

  • Please ensure each climber has clean hands before each climb (hand sanitiser is distributed throughout the gym)
  • Bookings only
  • Liquid chalk only – no loose chalk allowed
  • Cashless payments only
  • Use your own equipment including chalk, brushes, tape
  • Showering facilities closed
  • Comply with social distancing measures – maintain a distance of 1. 5m
  • No crowding, hugs or high fives (verbal celebrations recommended and welcome
  • Shoes must be worn throughout the gym and tops are also to be worn
  • Spectators are discouraged
  • No pets allowed
  • Cashless payments only
  • Bring your own towel
  • Please use the cleaning product provided to wipe down equipment in Zone D, after each use

Please take note of the following VITAL information whilst in the yoga studio:

  • As above
  • Bring your own equipment including yoga mat, blocks, blanket
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class commencement

Take away snacks and drinks available. Birthdays and group events will remain on hold until further notice.

Stay Safe during COVID 19 & Get to the Core!