Meet "Kilty Pleasures"

Kilter Board

At Core we pride ourselves on our love for all things climbing and invest heavily in ensuring our facility is among the best in Australia. In this vein we are super proud to introduce and celebrate Australia's first and as of writing this, only hydraulic adjustable Kilter Board that goes to 70 degrees and she is a beauty. So if you're interested here is a little about Kilty and how she came to be. Oh and a thank you to Alex Wootten for the sick winning name "Kilty Pleasures", kudos Alex first in and best dressed.

Ian Powell has always been an innovator.  Ian had ideas and hold technology light years ahead of what we are only just realising today.  Where other training board brands have fallen down is on hold shape.  Ian has thrown away more shapes that didn’t cut the mustard than other brands have had to choose from.  In fact we would go one further.  The shapes Ian threw away are better than most of the shapes on other training boards on the market today.

The Kilter Board uses LED to light up the trail.  Nothing new here then, LED has already been done?  Actually ‘Yes’.  Two great innovations Kilter have brought to the table, the first and most obvious is the duel material climbing holds, with the clear back that ‘glows’.  Unlike other uses of LED built into training boards is that they are in the board and not the hold.  You can see the lights on the way up but once you get above the hold the LED is ‘eclipsed’ by the hold. Its obvious really when you think about it and maybe it took a commercial climbing gym hold manufacturer to spot it, but we all like clean, easy to follow coloured lines in the routes and blocks in our gyms, so taking this clarity to the training board is such a simple but effective gain.

The second breakthrough in LED brought to you by Kilter is the addition of specific foot hold only holds that are lit in a different colour.  Like rock, the tiny micro holds, too small for the hand are often abundant for the feet.  Kilter have noted this and built it in.  We think this is really going to improve climbing technique as well as just pure power and finger strength

At Core we relish the opportunity to bring our members the absolute best in climbing and this futuristic training machine is exactly that. It’s a great privilege and a huge pleasure to see people immediately take to the board and start ticking routes and developing their own.

So whether you want to slab it out or take it some 45 degree madness you have every opportunity in the world to do so. I Guess the only limits Kilter give you is your own imagination. Enjoy the board and thank you for supporting the Core.