New Climbers

Below we have our promotional offers aimed at giving people not only an opportunity to try bouldering but also helping build a reason to.
Underneath this we try to answer some of the questions new climbers have, so we can try to make your journey into the Core more about excitement than questions.

First Timers

At Core we want to create new climbers and members to our boulder family so we have tried to put together a booster pack for first-timers. 

$30 Includes

Entry ($20)

Waiver payment ($5)

Shoe Rental ($5)

Chalk Rental ($4)

And UNLIMITED climbing access for one day WEEK!!!

Now let’s “Get to the Core”

Newby Chooseday

Bouldering is a great solo activity but an even better group one. As Core is new to the boulder scene on the Gold Coast we want to help grow the community of our favourite sport.

With this, we want to introduce our limited time offer of Newby Chooseday. Every Tuesday you can pick one friend to bring along for $5.

$25 Includes

Entry ($20)

Friend Entry ($20)

to get UNLIMITED climbing access for the day.

Now let’s “Get to the Core”

I've got a few questions.

Q: But I'm afraid of heights how can I Boulder?

A: No Need to worry Our walls are a maximum of 4.5M tall but you can stop at whatever height you want.

Q: Its just me today can I come alone?

A: Absolutely. Get in here. One of the great things about bouldering is you don't need anyone else to be able to enjoy it.

Q: Do I need special shoes?

A: Nope. They help but they wont turn you into Spiderman. If you decide you want shoes we rent and sell them so you are all set.

Q: Do I need a rope?

A: Super nope. Unless you want to work on your half hitches and prusik during rests.

Q: Can I bring the kids?

A: We would love you too. Climbing is fun for all and you can climb from 6 and up with a parent present.