$22 Adult Day Pass

$16 Child Day Pass

$5 Shoe Hire

Membership Pricing Overview

At Core we try and provide as much flexibility in our member models as is possible. or you can simply drop in to enjoy the fun with a Day Pass.

We have a range of different memberships for the solo climbers through to the family and friends. Please contact one of our climbing enthusiasts if you would like a hand figuring out what might best suit you. We look forward to you becoming part of "The Core".

Our solo membership is offered at three levels. No contract, six months and a year. The more you can commit to us the more we can do to show our appreciation, but the main thing is we want you to find the best way to join The Core.

Solo Info

For the study bees amongst us, we know how hard it can be to support your climbing habit and fund your learning so we have lowered the barrier a little.

Student Info

As a family business, we genuinely know how expensive group activity can be with the family so we have created a discount structure to help create more opportunity to get in that quality time in a quality sport.

Family Info

There are so many benefits to getting kids into climbing, form follows function and kids that climb are engaging in the most beneficial form of physical exertion, bodyweight resistance exercise. If your son or daughter starts to inspire you to climb don’t forget to look at family memberships!

Child Info

One of the more attractive aspects to bouldering for us is social nature. All climbing is fun but bouldering is easiest to relate to your peer group with and really learn to nail those crux moves that are so rewarding in themselves.

Group Info

Day passes are aimed at creating passive access to climbing. For those too far away to make it every day or those just getting into the sport. Whatever reason passes let you climb when your available and still get access to our favourite sport. Starting at $20 for an adult pass and $15 for a child.

Passes Info

Our memberships have plenty of variations to suit individual and group needs so please feel free to contact us if you are joining with a group or with your family as we may be able to offer a more suitable option.

We have tried to make as many options with memberships as possible to suit your individual circumstance, but that can make it confusing, so we hope this guide helps clarify the membership right for you.

Any additional verification ID and paperwork will be completed when you arrive for the first time on site.