Strength Classes

Power Core – Endurance is an underrated and often misunderstood tool. Locking off on that sick crimp will strain even the climbing gods. Training the muscles and body to adapt and take comfort in these positions could be the key to taking the next hold without cutting loose.
Gravity Defyer – Explosive power is the hallmark of the modern dynamic indoor bouldering scene.
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Yoga Classes

Calm – Stillness of mind and connection to body on that high crux could be that knife edge difference that lets you send that nemesis climb.
Verticle Dancing – Balance is not a gift its a development and a big piece of the puzzle climbing those slabs and reaching across those wobbly transitions. Moving through those tricky and elaborate poses will help develop that beneficial proprioception.
Core Strength – Those isometric holds will pay dividends when you need that herd lock off for a top. *Bonus benefit* helps keep father time at bay.
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