The Core Team

Oliver Gilmartin

AKA: Bulkster Role: Director Oliver discovered the Core, buried in a cave, under an ocean, out in space, behind a tree, at the top of a mountain, covered in sand, and returned it to the people so we could all once again share in the joy of the Core. This is how Core began… he says! What is the Core you ask? He says it’s something you have to feel to believe…but then he says a lot of strange things. Oliver is always on the lookout for opportunities to develop Core, for the team, and the family of members that create the supremely important community we have. If you have an idea crazy enough he might just be your man. Core Focus: Business Development

Ian Gilmartin

AKA: E Role: Business Manager There is a tale of a place where men are made, not born. Where the machine is the master, and no mother exists. Where the perfect specimen of a human is sought for they will guide the future of our species. Well, Ian, it is said, is not from there or anywhere like it, in fact, Ian was born in England to parents that look a lot like Oliver’s. This inspired him to provide Core his energy in sparking the embers into reality. He gave so much with his dedication, Core is now a part of him and he a part of the Core. Ian has the enviable task of setting the front-line attitude to Core for the Core family. Much like a Carebear if he had a superpower it would be friendship and Core benefits daily from having him as part of the team. Core Focus: Customer Satisfaction

Tommy Lee

Support Manager

Mila Yong

CEO Company

Bill Kocs

Web Designer